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 ETC HIRE – HELP & Guidelines


EETC HIRE – Terms & Conditions

ETC HiRE Roles & Main Processes – Summary

The Company Administration set up the account, create Jobs Openings, and assigned Examiners and Observers to diagnose Candidate tests. Therefore, you should use one email for each role.

In the Job Opening, Candidates execute the Video Recording Test in 4 sessions in 48 questions that take around 1 hour to complete.

Candidate Tests will diagnose & scored by the assigned Examiner and Observers in the Diagnose Emotional Fingerprint module. The Question KPIs can be reviewed at the Candidate KPIs and a Summary of all Candidates automated and manual scores can be seen by the Examiner and Observers at the Emotional Fingerprint.

7 Steps for Success & FAQ’s – ETC HiRE – Onboarding

Implementation Guidelines and Video support

ETC HiRE – Candidate Test Video Recording

ETC HiRE – Examiners & Observers Roles

Honesty Score – Test & Hints by Examiner

Personal Data Protection – Terms & Conditions

ETC HIRE – Video Presentation

United States – Regulated Market

Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 – U.S.A. Exemptions