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ETC Solutions


Why choose ETC AI

Excellence in everything we do!

Keep your finger on your company's pulse & emotions.

ETC AI State-of-the-Art solutions as a standard to monitor corp climate.

We are small enough to care and large enough to deliver outstanding results.

Creative processes to control and lower risks and losses.

Access to global experts and local expert support

Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions to solve human complex business challenges.

With 24/7 accessible support and onboarding teams.

Drastically improve your evaluation process by tracking & understanding the EMOTIONAL Fingerprint ®

Ensure fair, accurate, and objective evaluations, and track organizational climate, including values, fraud & critial human resources Issues.

The challenges the law enforcement community is facing, especially in the hiring and monitoring process. The fact is, many departments and federal agencies are using outdated techniques and technology to attract and retain qualified officers and agents.

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